About the site:
I’ve kept this website for the last decade with different purposes. Right now, it is just a indulgence of mine to share and manage some of my photographic work together with Ultimate Frisbee photos and videos that I take and some other more personal stuff. The website is written in English for the most of it, but you are bound to find things in German and Portuguese.
Some private posts are private. If I haven’t given you the password before, don’t bother asking.

About the author:
Previously I’ve put work related stuff in here. Now that it is really too frequent and too fuzzy to make sense. If you are interested in my professional course, you can check my linkedin Profile or Research Gate. Press releases from my company or research work, I won’t bother to publish here too. There are better sites to manage that.
As for facebook and co, I’m reducing my digital footprint slowly.